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the best men's skincare brands

Okay so 2020 owes you a year. You officially have permission to not add a numeral to your age. The only problem is, your skin is still 12 months older. And if, like most of the planet, you’ve lived a bizzarro indoor, behind-the-mask life these past 8 months, your skin has had less attention and less exposure to the elements than any other year in your life.

Now, as summer seems almost certain to go ahead in Australia, it is time to come out of hibernation. You have a chance to get your game on and your skin in order.


What’s good for men’s skin?

In a nutshell, you should be thinking about three things:

  1. Products which keep your skin hydrated. That means not letting it get dry and damaged by the elements.

  2. Products which keep your skin clean. This means opening pores and washing away the impurities which collect during sleep and during your day.

  3. Products which help you avoid nicks and cuts when shaving and soothe inflamed skin.


Which face wash is best for men?

The one which can open pores and sweep away micro dirt, oils and dead cells without stripping the moisture from your skin. The brands below have been clinically tested and proven to make a difference. We present for your perusal and online shopping pleasure the best of Men’s skincare brands and their products:

The Best Men's Skincare Brands


Clinique has been a trustworthy laboratory-based skincare brand since the late 1960s. There are good reasons why this American company is a world leader on men’s skincare. Clinique has found customer loyalty all over the world. Because they develop their products through research and trials. And their products simply work. They deliver what they promise. So customers keep coming back.

Clinique has a men’s range which offers moisturisers, a post-shave soother, a face wash that won’t strip your skin, as well as their Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate and a unique oil-control face wash. Their face wash is a lightweight formula which controls oil, leaving your skin with a matte, shine-free appearance and feel.



Seb Man is a new kid on the block. And he’s turning heads. The company is all about men’s style, grooming and fashion and they definitely have their fingers on the pulse.

This new grooming line for the modern man includes a Protector Shaving Cream which suits all beard types. It works to soften beard hair for a close and gentle shave and helps to protect the skin against nicks and cuts. If you can avoid breaking your skin when you shave, there are fewer opportunities for irritation or infection to cause redness and acne.

In a world where it can be hard to do anything new, Seb Man’s skincare range feature guarana extract, bergamot and pink pepper that not only leave your skin feeling fresh and looking vibrant, but creating an irresistible masculine scent. Watch that aura as people around you wonder what those alluring hints are.

Oh and just so you know, the inside word on Bergamot?  Bergamot is a name derived from the Turkish word meaning “God’s Pear”. Bergamot is what you get when a grapefruit, orange and a lemon have a threesome. We don’t know how that would taste with pink pepper on it, but the smell is fantastic.




Black Leopard is an Aussie brand, home-grown and specifically made for men, by men. It sounds obvious but men’s skin is just not the same as women’s skin.  For starters, men have larger pores and thicker skin. On top of that, men sweat more and often their lifestyles mean more exposure to the elements.

For these reasons, Black Leopard have clinically researched and developed a range of skincare products that are based on quality natural ingredients and scientifically tested under Australian conditions. The result is a range of skincare products to suit all skin types that hydrate, rejuvenate, and soothe a man’s skin. You’ll feel healthier and look younger. 

Take their deep skin cleanser, for example. Here is a smart product you will only need to use once or twice a week. Black Leopard have developed a cleanser that uses tiny grains of black rice combined with specially selected essential oils in an easy-to-use face scrub that cleans and smooths your skin. The process exfoliates and unclogs pores, keeping skin free from irritants and opening pores, reducing acne breakouts. It can be used with a stubble or on clean-shaven skin for a fresh, smooth, clean feel.

Black Leopard is as Aussie as a Dingo’s breakfast. Try their products out – you’ll be stoked.



Redken is a brand that has been around for over 50 years. Like a great racehorse, it is a proven stayer. The people at Redken have developed a comprehensive range of men’s grooming products which allow you to style and control your hair, and shave and care for your beard, all while improving the health and strength of your hair. 

For example, Redken Brews Men's Shave Cream is designed for all skin types. It has even been  dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.  Infused with Allantoin and Aloe Leaf, the formula is ultra-hydrating, effectively creating a protective shield over your skin for smooth razor glide. This means fewer nicks and less irritation. Allantoin is clinically proven to help skin retain moisture, increase the shedding of dead skin cells to increase smoothness, and forming protection against irritants. The result is a close, comfortable shave without irritation, leaving your skin feeling moisturised and nourished. Redken’s blokey packaging and protein-based hair strengthening products make them a sure-fire winner with men of all ages.


After a year that wasn’t, this Christmas may be one for the ages. A lot of people are going to spoil themselves, especially since there has been nowhere to go and nothing you can spend your money on. There is going to be a whole lot of self-love and for a lot of men, that is going to start with giving some overdue attention to their skin and their grooming.

As the great Aussie saying goes, “Sun’s out – guns out!”

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a man in your life, these products are sure to please. And with Christmas looming, now is the perfect time to invest in quality skin care, while stocks are available. Don’t be one of those caught ordering too late. We know that postal and delivery services are going to be swamped like never before.

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