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Meta title: Greatest Shark Tank success of all time. Best Home and Garden helper ever.


The last cleaning product you'll ever try. Scrub Daddy still holds the trophy as the biggest Shark Tank success story of all time. For good reason. It’s simple, cheap and brilliant.


What are the greatest Shark Tank successes of all time? It’s a great trivia question.

Coming in at Number 3 is Tipsy Elves turning holiday-themed clothing into big bucks.

2nd ranked is the Squatty Potty. A personal aid toilet stool. Within twenty-four hours of the deal, Squatty Potty saw $US1 million in sales.

And at Number 1 is Scrub Daddy.

If you haven’t heard the name Scrub Daddy, you may have been living under a rock. Because when it comes to success stories and humble cleaning products, Scrub Daddy takes the prize.

In 2012, entrepreneur Aaron Krause appeared on the US version of Shark Tank and pulled off what many people regard as the most successful Shark Tank deal of all time. Investor Lori Greiner struck a $200,000 deal which, to date, has translated into more than $US100 million in sales.

Krause was in Australia in 2019 meeting with the big supermarket chains. Australians are famous for their interest in and take-up of eco-friendly cleaning innovation. Scrub Daddy certainly ticks those boxes.

And just in case you thought Scrub Daddy was a one-hit wonder, consider this: Krause and his innovative company now produce the Scrub Mommy, the Big Daddy, the Scrub Daisy, Scrub Daddy Lemon Fresh, and the Daddy Caddy, among others.

“You can’t have just one product and expect to be a worldwide brand, you have to always be innovating,” says Krause.

Just for fun, can you name any of the worst Shark Tank pitches of all time? Remember these?

The Skinny Mirror

Belinda James pitched The Skinny Mirror, making women appear slimmer than they actually are.


Socks sold in sets of three, so that customers have an extra if they lose one.

Or how about Cougar Energy

An energy shot drink specifically designed to give “cougar” women the energy to chase younger men.

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